Got a Product to Review?

We at Geek Ale want to offer professional quality reviews and spread the news about it on our channels.

We are reviewing basically everything that runs on electricity & all gaming related topics.

Depending on the request, we can offer:

  • Video review
  • Text review

And spread it on our social channels:

Please check our contact page write us with your request.


Q. What are your fees for writing reviews?

A. Depends on case by case and what social media reach you want us to use. We are also offering FREE reviews! So please contact us!

Q. I have a game that’s available for free. Will you please review it?

A. You are welcome to submit a request for us to check out your game. If it is something we think our readers will like (most are), we will place it in the review queue.

Q. I want to write for Geek Ale! Will you have me?

A. We’re always looking for fresh and interesting writers to joining our team! Please contact us with details.