EasyJet electric planes

All current passenger planes used to travel between countries or continents are powered by jet fuels similar to diesel fuels. But soon this will change. Companies are already trying electric planes, and one of the first companies to go commercial with it is EasyJet.

Current planes use up to 10.000 kg or 22.000 pounds of fuel per hour of flight for the larger planes. Of course, the longer the flight, more fuel is needed on the aircraft, the heavier the aircraft is. Therefore more fuel is burned per hour.

EasyJet, an UK based company has teamed with Wright Electric to produce an all electric (battery powered) aircraft for all flights that are under two hours. This is about 1/5 of all of their flights and could travel the distance of up to 540 km / 335 miles.

EasyJet Electric Planes would also mean cheaper planes and maintenance for the airline which would also lower the cost for us, consumers. Which are already ridiculously cheap for some short flights. EasyJet Electric Planes would also be 50% quieter than current planes!

We are looking forward to EasyJet Electric Planes in near future, hopefully other airlines will follow soon.

EasyJet electric planes 2