Xiaomi is breaking sales records

Xiaomi is making a big bang in all markets across the globe and it has done the same in one of the toughest markets. India. The Xiaomi is selling like hot cakes and it is breaking records.

It became the first smartphone manufacturer in India to sell over 1 million smartphones in 2 days.

This is a huge milestone for Xiaomi as it needed 18 days to have 1 million smartphones sold globally in 2016.

Just 1 year later, they are selling over 300 smartphones every single minute last 2 days. Xiaomi phones are 8/9 best selling smartphones on Amazon!

Why now since they are already on India market for some time?

  • Online Sales Channels (Flipkart, Amazon,…)
  • Xiaomi popularity In general
  • Diwali festive season
  • Great financing and huge discounts

We are glad that Xiaomi is Breaking Sales Records as it is a decent phone for its money, and we would love to see them catching up with the quality of the other major vendors.