cloudflare free ddos

Cloudflare just announced an update that almost every website owner should use. Regardless of it’s size. Previously as a paid feature is now available for free to all users using their service.

DDoS or distributed denial-of-service is an attack that floods your website/blog with millions of requests and traffic that your site is not able to handle, which renders your site unusable to all users.

These kind of attacks are illegal and usually costs the users a decent amount of money!

They also comment: “Cloudflare runs one of the largest networks in the world. One of our key services is DDoS mitigation and we deflect a new DDoS attack aimed at our customers every three minutes. We do this with over 15 terabits per second of DDoS mitigation capacity. That’s more than the publicly announced capacity of every other DDoS mitigation service we’re aware of combined.”

Cloudflare calls its service unmetered mitigation and you can read more on the source below. This is not the only service you get for free with them, so check them out!