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To start it off. My website GeekAle is quite new compared to the well established news sites out there, but I’m glad that I decided to start it. Better late than never. And I can finally express my words on the topic I enjoy the most. Technology. I appreciate every visitor on my site and I hope that the information provided will be useful for at least some of you.

Hopefully you will take time and read it through and see my view on why I am 2 times more excited on Google’s Pixel 2 Event that they have just recently teased than the Apple event yesterday. Before you continue. Yes, I use iPhone everyday.

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I’ve watched pretty much all keynotes from various companies and I really get excited for Apple events, but I am really disappointed every time. Besides the first iPhone introduction on January 9, 2007 by Steve Jobs.

Sadly, Apple is just not providing any innovation in the smartphone area and in my view is only following the footsteps of others and polish what was already done. Is Apple afraid to come up with an innovative idea because they are afraid it might not work? Where are “the first’s” that Apple achieved and shocked the world.

Not just Apple fans that start screaming and providing Applause when they see change from “Retina display” to “Super Retina Display”.

Augmented reality? I remember almost 10 years ago when I was shooting space crafts flying over my head or playing tower defense with my Nokia N95. But I’m sure there were cases even years before that.

Don’t get me wrong, Apple is good in many ways. Quality and Security being two of the top three list. I am also not an Apple hater. As said, I use iPhone everyday, but also Samsung Galaxy S8 on the other side, which in my opinion is years ahead. I’m afraid that this was the last iPhone from my side, at least for some time. There is just too much additional Apple burden that gets on your shoulder and propitiatory “must haves”

With this speed of technological advancements I’m sure Apple will soon started loosing the pace. “Startup” world will run it over. Marketing/Presentation is for sure no.1 point at Apple.

I will see what will future hold, but for now… Google Pixel event on October 4th!

Google Pixel 2 event