160 Tbps cable facebook microsoft telxis

As the demand by faster speeds and reliability increases daily and people demand highest quality streams. The infrastructure also needs to be upgraded.

The cable is the technologically the most advanced subsea cable ever built, beating Google’s current winner. The cable is 4000 miles (6437 km) long between Virginia Beach and Bilbao Spain.
The construction of 160Tbps Undersea Cable lasted for around 13 Months and was completed this week. The testing is already underway and the operation will begin in early 2018! The whole idea was started already in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy caused a few day blackout between US and Europe.
Microsoft said: “The superstorm sparked the realization that another major event could disrupt the vital connectivity lifeline across the Atlantic. As part of its ongoing efforts to drive innovation and expand capacity of its global network, Microsoft sought options for making transatlantic connections more resilient”.

Key characteristics

  • Bandwidth Speed: 160Tbps
  • Weight: 10 million pounds (around 4500 tons)
  • Length: 4000 miles (6437 km)
  • installed depth: 17,000 feet below the surface of the ocean (5200 Meters)

Connection Map

not exact path, but illustration of the connection points for 160Tbps Undersea Cable.

160 Tbps cable facebook microsoft telxis