VR roadmap 2020 featured 2

You all probably heard of VR (Virtual reality) or AR (Augmented Reality) till now. Facebook is betting big on VR with acquisition of Oculus. Microsoft is betting big with AR with their Hololens glasses.

Which means the market is getting big. And I mean really big! Below is the data for VR 2020 roadmap. And majority of course will be driven by gamers.

Why VR?

Maybe you you don’t know but there is 1:1 ratio in gender when it comes to gaming. Meaning around 50% male, 50% female and this is for sure one reason that all market is keeping the interest besides the obvious technology advancement.

There are more and more ways to monetize the gaming world, and this is constantly improving thanks to the technology advancements. Some of the most famous way to monetize your gaming life is with Twitch, Youtube, Esports, guides,… and now VR.


Still Not Convinced?

There are around 700 million people logging on to Twitch or Youtube, which means they want to stay “in the game” even when they don’t have their controller or mouse in their hands. And that is really big number. VR will take this to the next level and immerse the gamers in a whole new level.

Next generation gaming is about more than just ‘play’. With new ecosystems emerging from all possible sides in the VR 2020 Roadmap.

The Numbers

  • Majority of the VR revenue in the VR Roadmap 20 will of course be because of the gamers, that means the software revenue will be around 70% of that.
  • There will be more than 20 times more money spend on immersive gaming by 202! That is more than $4.5B.
  • Total VR Revenue for the VR Roadmap 2012 is almost $30B which is about 15 times more than in year 2016

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