Real Time graphics unreal engine 2

Most of you have probably heard about amazing graphics in Call of Duty or Battlefield or other AAA titles with budgets worth millions. But there are also individuals you probably haven’t heard about. Art by Rens. That made a stunning 4K footage in Unreal Engine and is pushing Real Time Graphics to the Limit.

Well hopefully, as it looks it’s too good to be true. Tell us what you think in the comments.

Technical Details

  • Real time in 4K
  • 60fps using dual GTX 1080 Ti
  • Using Nvidia’s VXGI solution for real time lighting and global illumination

The creator said that he is creating a playable tech demo and a foundation that can become a full game.

The environment: “The theme of the demo environment is a Scandinavian forest that integrates some science fiction architecture. All content is captured at a high resolution using various methods like photogrammetry or top down photography with a rig I constructed for vegetation.”

The Demo should have:

  • Small area
  • Allows the player to walk around or control a virtual camera and be able to capture images or video.
  • Settings for field of view, aperture, focal distance, depth of field methods, sun intensity, temperature


End of year 2017 on Steam.

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