Gamer Subscription Box

You might have heard about food, snack or beauty subscription boxes, etc. But there was nothing out there for the gamers, therefore Gamer Subscription Box.

What is a subscription box?

A service where you apply for a monthly fee and receive a monthly box with new items every month.

Different services

After detailed check we found out several services available below:

  • Humble Bundle Monthly

Even if it is technically not a physical box, it offers one of the best value for money in a monthly subscription model.

Content: premium games even AAA titles every month

Price: from $11 /month (no shipping)

Special offer: 5% of all purchases goes to charity every month!


  • Loot Crate

Content: shirts, stickers, Funko-Pop dolls, toys and gadgets related to TV or comics.

Price: from $14 /month + shipping

Special offer: every month at random they give away Mega crate which can include items with value of up to $2000! even PCs!


  • Geek Fuel

Content: toys & action figures, exclusive shirts, household goods, comics, downloadable games, collectables and everyday goods!

Price: from $15 / month + shipping


  • My Retro Game Box

Content: 3 retro games every month

Special offer: you can choose between the selected consoles (NES, SNES, N64, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, the Sega Mastersystem and the Sega Megadrive)

Price: from $30 / month + shipping


  • The Indie Box

Content: special collection of indie games available for Windows, Mac or Linux platform with steam rating higher than 8.0. The game comes with box, usb, manual, soundtrack, collectables, keychains and more!

Price: from $20 / month + shipping


  • Gorilla Gamer Crate – Closed?

Content: They offer mystery box with contents focused only on video games. The contents include games, shirts, figures, accessories, etc.

Price: unknown


  • Nerdache Box – Closed?

Content: video games, sci-fi and comic book characters, icons, stickers

Price: from $46 / month + shipping (expensive)


If you are bored and love surprised, Gamer Subscription Box might be a good idea for you. You never know what you get, and that is a charm!

Gamer Subscription Box 2