Valve's Steam Support 2017 update

It’s been 13 years since initial release of steam, and since then Valve has come a really long way. I still remember beta days when pretty much everything had bugs and we were switching stand alone counter strike. But now with more than 12 million of concurrent users it is world’s biggest digital distribution platform available.

Sadly there is a downside of having that big user base, and that is support. In numbers that means 75.000 of requests per day! Which is a really huge number to handle.

Valve mentioned: “We overhauled our support site, we’ve built better integrated tools, we no longer require a separate account to contact support, and we’ve increased our support staffing.” which helped all the ticket handling. And I believe that they have the most transparent numbers of any platform, not only for support, but also for the player base per game or the Hardware survey.

Following the blog post on steam community Valve issued an Valve’s Steam Support 2017 update. Focused on refund, as it is also the largest portion of requests on Steam.

Status on the time of writing:

Request Category
Submitted Last 24 Hours
Typical Response Times
Refund Requests 48,268 1.35 hours to 1.99 hours
Account Security & Recovery 12,246 2.43 hours to 10.77 hours
Game & Steam Technical Support 2,144 1.54 hours to 15.53 hours
Purchase & Billing Support 1,989 2.47 hours to 1.86 days


See support stats on the link.