Before we all got a hold of the latest Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ , there are rumors that Samsung Galaxy S9 is already in the making for several months. And this is great news for the Samsung fans.

According to the fresh reports around the web, there are two things that we will for sure see in the new Samsung Galaxy S9:

  1. Display
    they are working in phases to improve the display that is in the development. Sources said: “Since late last month, a display team for the S9 has started the development work with aims to supply samples from mid-April. About a month after the display, other key parts such as modules are expected to develop in phases”.
    This is probably the reason since they need to prepare better display that they are currently working on for the new Apple iPhone 8.
  2. Camera
    As they used exact same camera in the upcoming Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ as they did in the last years Galaxy S7, they have more than enough reasons to work on it. They left millions of Samsung fans with waiting without any camera improvement. This is the first time Samsung didn’t make any camera upgrade for a long time.

After the rough year with the Exploding feature of Galaxy Note, they sure prepared on all fronts against apple. There are news that Samsung is selling their LED display panels to Apple. See our Article.

We are hoping that they will focus more on software part and get closer to stock android. Samsung is spending a lot of money developing applications for their phones, but in theory they could still use all the free apps that Google is offering in their stock android version.

For example Samsung’s new smart assistant Bixby that they revealed last week Google already released several years ago. And we are sure it handles most of the things better (we will soon test it out).

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