1 Minute doesn’t seem like a lot of time. But you would be surprised what can actually happen in that time.

Below we gathered some interesting data that will shock you what happens on internet in 1 minute. Move way to the bottom to see the info graphic.

So when you go to bed next time, just think what happened in the day that passed by like it was nothing. It is a big world we live in and there are millions of devices connected to the internet running all of it.

Email – Electronic mail

Email numbers are leading since 1993 when it was introduced. This is because it is still the leading type of contact used in the business around the globe. There were several approaches to change that but without any luck. Even Google tried with Google Wave.

There are alternatives within the Enterprises that offer more agile approach and real-time communication, but we beleive nothing will change in the next decade or so. We will see what time brings and if there will be any platform that will lead the numbers on the internet in 1 minute.

We also believe half of the email numbers is spam.

Numbers gathered – Internet in 1 minute / 1 Hour / 24 Hours

Platform 60 seconds 1 hour 24 hours Actions
Email 156.000.000,00 9.360.000.000,00 224.640.000.000,00 Emails Sent
YouTube 4.100.000,00 246.000.000,00 5.904.000.000,00 Videos Viewed
Google 3.500.000,00 210.000.000,00,00 Search Queries
Snapchat 1.800.000,00 108.000.000,00 2.592.000.000,00 Snaps Create
WhatsApp 1.600.000,00 96.000.000,00 2.304.000.000,00 Text Messages
Tinder 990.000,00 59.400.000,00 1.425.600.000,00 Swipes
Facebook 900.000,00 54.000.000,00,00 Logins
Online Stores 751.552,00 45.093.120,00,00 Dollars Spend
Twitter 452.000,00 27.120.000,00 650.880.000,00 Tweets Sent
Google/Apple store 342.000,00 20.520.000,00 492.480.000,00 Apps Downloaded
Netflix 70.017,00 4.201.020,00 100.824.480,00 Hours watched
Instagram 46.200,00 2.772.000,00 66.528.000,00 Posts Uploaded
Spotify 40.000,00 2.400.000,00 57.600.000,00 Hours Listened
Facebook Messenger 15.000,00 900.000,00 21.600.000,00 GIF’s sent
Linkedin 120,00 7.200,00 172.800,00 New Accounts Created
Amazon Echo 50,00 3.000,00 72.000,00 Devices Shipped