Nvidia Series 20 Volta featured

NVIDIA is known to release new GPU’s near the end of the year or just around the Christmas season. But this year we might get lucky. If the rumors are true we will be seeing latest NVIDIA Volta architecture in Q3 2017, successor of Pascal.

This is probably the reason of declining sales of GPU’s and strong competition from AMD’s latest Vega which is showing great potential. And also shows that people are waiting for the new architecture before buying a new GPU card.

It is still not clear which memory will be used for new NVIDIA GPU in 2017 or what fabrication process will be used. 12nm from TSMC could be an option, but don’t get your hopes up before we get more detailed information on GeForce Series 20.

As the HBM2 memory is really hard to produce for the masses NVIDIA will probably skip it still this year or maybe make it available for the enthusiast series. GDDR5X looks a more viable option for now.

GeForce Series 20 Features

As already known on the paper we are most exited about 2 things:

  • NVLink
    GPU high speed interconnect (80-200 GB/s)
  • 3D Stacked Memory
    4x Higher Bandwidth (around 1 TB/S)
    3x Larger Capacity
    4x More Energy efficient per bit

Stay tuned for more news and rumors on GeForce Series 20!

Nvidia Series 20 Volta 2 Nvidia Series 20 Volta