GDDR6 is coming
It was just confirmed by SK Hynix that in early 2018 we will see GDDR6 technology available in high-end graphics cards.
It will offer bandwidth of 16 Gbps, which is huge increase from 11 Gbps which is the current maximum in Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti card.
Official press release: “SK Hynix introduced the world’s fastest 2Znm 8Gb(Gigabit) GDDR6(Graphics DDR6) DRAM. The product operates with an I/O data rate of 16Gbps(Gigabits per second) per pin, which is the industry’s fastest. With a forthcoming high-end graphics card of 384-bit I/Os, this DRAM processes up to 768GB(Gigabytes) of graphics data per second. SK Hynix has been planning to mass produce the product for a client to release high-end graphics card by early 2018 equipped with high performance GDDR6 DRAMs.”
Don’t forget. There is also HBM Gen3 on the way which will also be a game changer. Personally I think HBM will be the future for graphics, but the costs/productions is still too expensive.
We can’t wait to see what is coming in the future.